Saturday, December 1, 2007

Grand Theft Beer

This is the news story of the moment. Right about the time when the Dublin police is starting the traditional Christmas blitz to target drink-drivers, some BIG TIME pisshead sneaked in the legendary St. James's Gate Guinness Brewery with a truck, attached to it a fully-loaded trailer and drove away. The bounty? 450 kegs = 40,000 pints.

The Irish are not unanimous on their stance: whereas some are devastated by the loss of 180 kegs of Guinness Stout, others applaud the fact that the cunning bandit got rid of 180 Budweiser + 90 Carlsberg kegs.

If the story was not bizarre enough as is, when interviewed, the Guinness spokeswoman posed the rhetorical question: 'What could they possibly want with all that beer?'

Yeah, right. What could someone in Ireland possibly want with 40,000 pints?

My guess: chips?

PS: just read this on another blog, I think it's a worthy addendum.

'Please, 480 kegs missing in Dublin is like 480 barrels of oil missing in Iraq. Sure, something happened, but is it worth worrying about?'


Lu said...

With all that beer, I would want some close friends to share it and a nice backyard to place the party.

Leah said...

Ah the Irish... Somewhere there are some very happy lads having a grand time....
fished as parts.