Monday, July 7, 2008

6-4, 6-4, 6-7 (5-7), 6-7 (8-10), 9-7


Rafa Nadal, como lo pirata que indica su look, le "robó" Wimbledon de las manos a Federer y desordenó (¿para siempre?) el escenario del tenis actual. Cuando tomó la copa no sabía por donde agarrarla. Conoce la de Roland Garros, la muerde como si fuera su alimento, pero en Wimbledon lo que hizo Rafa Nadal fue invadir el territorio ajeno. Tomar lo que el otro tenía y protegía. Humilló a Federer en París y lo llevó al límite de la noche del domingo para arrebatarle lo único que a Roger Federer le quedaba en sus duelos personales. Cada uno era bueno en su superficie. Eso ya no es así: Nadal ganó en la casa del vecino.


Kathy said...

The babelfish translation:
"Rafa Nadal, like the pirate who indicates his look, him " robó" Wimbledon of the hands to Federer and disordered (for always) the scene of present tennis. When it took the glass did not know by where taking hold it. It knows the one Roland Garros bites, it as if outside its food, but in Wimbledon which made Rafa Nadal was to invade the other people's territory. To take what the other had and protected. It humiliated to Federer in Paris it took and it to the limit at night of the Sunday to snatch the unique thing to him that to Roger Federer it had left in its personal duels. Each was good in its surface. That no longer is thus: Nadal won in the house of the neighbor."

Sounds like a load of gobbledygook to me, Jose. Do you reckon Nadal's on drugs (those muscles look enhanced!)???

Leah said...

Yeah, the translation I got was full of the same jiggery-pokery. Maybe Jose is on drugs as well.

Jose said...

The translation from Kathy (English to Spanish) is not very accurate. Maybe is because she is swiss and does not want to translate it correctly...

And Rafa is not on drugs, all the Spanish guys we all have that muscles.

And, usually, I am not on drugs.

See ya Wednesday Leah! Wellcomeback to the Capital!