Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Featured music: New Wave

Sorry I didn't forget about the blog... well, maybe I did. But here I am back and thought I might as well put up some new music. This time, in lack of something better, I offer you a selection of the music you wish had never existed: New Wave. The transition from the 70s to the 80s seems to have been really tough... well, everyone did the best they could amidst the confusion, mixing punk, ska, reggae and going 'electronic'. A special paragraph is due for the clothes and the hairstyles that beg for scissors, or at least a merciful beanie. Take for instance the chaps of Sound Committee right there in that photo. Isn't that white jacket a crime against humanity? Aren't those colour combinations a kick in the nuts of any pair of eyes with a brain behind them? Can we agree with David Hume when he postulated the ideal aesthetical critic as having a mind "free from all prejudice"when someone dares to proudly show off those plastic Casio watches?

No, no, no... don't worry. Just listen to the music and take it easy.

1 comment:

La Chounie said...

That white jacket is awesome.