Sunday, May 18, 2008

Greetings from the Midwest

Hello all just thought I would touch base. All is well in here in Minnesota. I found a house which is a 15min bike ride from work. The place has a very large pool, and a lake which I have been jogging around. I am living with a 60 year old woman who is a complete woo~woo; acupunture, homeopathy you name the nonsense, and her son who pops around regularly, is a fundamentalists evangelical creationist christian that has attempted to witness me on several occasions. I am finding the cost of living surprisingly cheaper than Australia, specifically Canberra. The food has been good, in particular the sourdough breads and there has been a fantastic selection of inexpensive locally made beers. The punters of this blog will be pleased to know that health care systems appears to be top-notch, free medical and dental through the university cover plan.

Bye for now

La Choune a boeuf


Juan said...

Hi Shaun!!

Good stuff. So you are condemned to share with the woo woos. Are you trying to convince them of the woowooness of their beliefs?


La Chounie said...

Like everything, moderation is the key. I can tolerate healthy levels of woo and in some cases actually enjoy the company of certain woo~woos. However there are limits to this tolerance. Woo~woos are generally excessively narcissistic, therefore convincing them of their poor judgment is often futile, not to mention traumatic for the woo. Disagreeing with a woo~woo's world-view is often tantamount to giving them genital anal warts. This results in self-censorship and limiting conversations to the weather.

Agustin said...

So you are trying that new thing, "jogging"

"jogging, iogging... I think it's a soft J"