Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rain in BA, a classic

First of all, we really want to thank José and María for rescued us (Matt, Juan and I) in our way to Sydney on Sunday morning.

6:30 am - Tuesday 18 Sep, foggy and rainy morning in BA. Jetlag:

Since a week ago the city is under one of the most typical weather conditions, a ‘sudestada’, which is a cold and very wet wind/storm from the sound east (Antarctica and Atlantic Ocean from here), something that I had completely forgotten living in the dry down under and sunny land.

The forecast says that it’ll continue for two more weeks, which shits us. That’s why some of our aunties and other relatives started to implore saints and gods in order to clean the sky and have some sun. Any help in magical issues as well as Brazilian ‘macumbas’ are welcome. The temperature is low compared with some weeks ago; yesterday we had 12°C. For those who are coming soon, take it into account!

Jetlag is killing me, however, Juan is sleeping well, he seems to be still recovering from his buck’s night (thanks Matt for the pics and videos). Anyway, I hope I’ll be better the next days.

Now I’ll have breakfast that consist in a medialuna de grasa (croissant) with mate cocido, and also some alfajorcitos de maicena and sandwichs de miga (there is a bakery downs stairs) and I’m eating as far as I can…

My feeling about BA summarized in one word: bizarreness

Food: to give you an idea about prices. I went with one of my mates (Coco) and Juan to have dinner yesterday night in a very nice and well known bar around my old neighborhood. Coco and I shared a milanesa a la napolitana (beef schnitzel topped with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and jam) that had around 1m² of area, huge! It was ~10AU$, and we couldn’t finished (not too bad), vines and beers are expensive from Dr. Juan Drinky G. perspective. A glass of 400cm3 Quilmes beer was ~ 4AU$.

Well, I might bore most of you with these comments.

Have a nice day/night and if anybody knows something about my little baby (Tato, of course), please send me an email, or a picture, record his barks, post me his footprints…

Marga arrives this Thursday, more news soon! Anybody knows at what time!!!


La Chounie said...

So it is cold in BA! I shall bring more warm clothing! Thanks for the heads-up. See you Tuesday! Are the litre Quimes bottles still a peso?

Lu said...

hahhaa, no man, there is not a 1peso quilmes anymore! now it´s $2 :P

Grunt said...

not boring at all .. keep it coming!
(esp. for those luckless souls not in BA)

david said...

here here...bring on the travel logs

Agustin said...

Mmmh, that photo contradicts the title of the post.