Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What's Marga doing in BsAs?

Well, maybe it isn't correct to upload all about Marga's life in BsAs in a public space, but as you might know everybody wants and needs a bit of gossiping. I don't have enough time to tell you 'everyeverything' therefore, I'll only make a reference about a friend she made yesterday in the markets, a guy that works with wood, making toys ... nice guy, seriously this woman has the ability to find great people in her way!
All the rest is going as good as possible,



Agustin said...

Photo, photo, photo, photo!!!

Jose said...

hippi!, que es una hippi.

La Chounie said...

I did not meet this interesting character, but I can report on the physical appearance of the junkie that physically assaulted Marga on Avenida Cordoba. Thanks Silvio and Andrew for your quick street-smarts and ability in plying his arms off from around her neck. What a loco!!!!