Thursday, October 4, 2007

Back to normal (slowly)

Hi there!!

Now that we tied the knot, things are slowly going back to normal. We have been veeeeery lucky with the weather, last Sunday was a lovely sunny and warm day and everybody enjoyed the party as it was in a "Estancia" with a big park and a lake. On Monday morning very loud thunderstorms woke us up and we had a rainy and horrible day.

We will upload some pictures to the web ASAP, but for the moment you can check some pics from my aunt (party, civil ceremony and cocktail), and from Lu's friend Vicky.

In the meantime, the Pumas keep writing history. They played against Ireland on Sunday, exactly at the same time when the ceremony was going to start. The beggining was delayed 30 mins (many people was still arriving) what allowed me to watch the first 30 mins in the room, and when the ceremony finished some of my friends found a TV and watched the last 20 mins. I obviously forgive them, as I would have done the same in similar circumstances :)

Now the Pumas play against Scotland and they can win. I can see them in semis playing against the Springbocks and (why not) in the final playing against the Wallabies (or the All Blacks?). I only hope to have a TV available in the resort in Fiji for watching all these games. I couldn't avoid the consumerist rugby induced fever and I bought a pumas polo shirt that I hope to proudly wear in 3 weeks when Argentina wins the WC. Last thing about rugby: to give you an idea of what the feeling is like here in Arg, the soccer derby (River-Boca) that will be played next week was rescheduled in order to allowing people to watch the rugby game on TV. Have a read to this post.

We'll probably be out of touch till Sat 13th while we enjoy the tropical weather and transparent waters of the Fijian beaches.

chau!! see you soon.

Juan P.

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Agustin said...

Just one comment: HIJOS DE PUTA!!!

Have fun...