Sunday, October 7, 2007

hectic days

Hi all!!

I am writing from Auckland airport, waiting for our flight to Fiji. France have just defeated the All Blacks and a French guy paid a beer for all the people watching the game. Leah, Silvio and Anne are flying to Sydney at the moment, an hour ago we were sharing breakfast when the game looked easy for NZ. I would like to see Anne's face when she arrives and knows that France made it. We were also surprised to know that the Wallabies lost to England, that's a shame.

We should be in Fiji already. There was a strike at Bs As airport on Thu night and all flights were cancelled. We had to re-schedule our flights, but we could finally travel last night. We will lose one day of our honey moon :(


see you all next week

JP & Lu


Agustin said...

good post 'en route'

La Chounie said...

I was woken this morning with the text message ‘four more years’. I leapt out of bed and turned on the TV to witness a tearful McCaw at the post game press conference. I could hardly believe my eyes as a wave of ‘Schadenfreude’ or ‘delectatio morosa’ for the latinos swept over me. The kiwis are out!

Grunt said...

The last ten mins was fantastic great rugby .. it seems that Aus and NZ could do with some decent kickers! Watched it with Richard and David Blondeau .. now the french rugby fans come out of the closet! :)
If Fiji go the way of england and france, Pumas will be flying the flag for the southern hemisphere .. Go Pumas!!

Agustin said...

who's the ugly guy on the picture?