Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Highlights of our trip to Argentina, Fiji and Auckland. First of all, I won't say/write anything about the wedding and I don't want to make this post too long because I know nobody will be keen on read it. Let's see the top 5 hot-moments of the trip:

top5: The great time we spent snorkeling and drinking beers in Fiji. In Spanish: Rascada de panza a 4 manos.
top4: Jose and Maria rescuing us (6:30 am at 100k from Canberra) in our way to the airport.
top3: The mess in Ezeiza airport and the US$100k that were stolen from the security bag.
top2: sanguchitos de miga (dobles triples con matenca o mayonesa), mates with friends, alfajores, beeers, wines and nightlife, and the best of my country: asados with family and friends.
top1: The day the All Blacks lost against France we were in the airport in Auckland and as soon as the game finished Juan went to the Adidas shop asking if the price of the shirts were cheaper ... no no no no... in my neighborhood that means 'fight'. He survived.

Have a good day!

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