Tuesday, July 31, 2007

La comadreja y la zarigueya

We had dinner last night and, as usual when conversation lingers for too long, we ended up discussing semantics. Or rather, zoological nomenclature. The thing is, in Argentina we call comadreja the marsupial (family Didelphidae) Chironectes minimus, which apparently in Spain is called zarigueya. By some unlucky coincidence comadreja is used by our European cousins to refer to Mustela nivalis, which is not a marsupial at all, but rather a carnivor of the order Mustelidae.
Thus, the question "are comadrejas marsupials?" has two answers: yes and no. And both are correct.


Lu said...

Joer... que bien dibujas tío!
Bueno che, sigo laburando.

Juan P. Guerschman said...

Nos desaznaste

me quedé sin palabras

Juan P. Guerschman said...

according to Wikipedia, Chironectes minimus is an aquatic animal... Are you sure it is our comadreja?

Agostino said...

You are right Dr. JP, it is Chironectes lanatus - minimus is the aquatic one...

Got Largo? said...

Pues me perdonan pero yo tengo en mi mente algo diferente y las comadrejas y las zarigueyas son completamente diferentes. Si estoy de acuerdo donde dices que las zarigueyas son los unicos marsupiales fuera de Australia.

Aqui esta la traduccion de algunos nombres:

Zarigueya = Opossum
Comadreja = Weasel
Ferret = Huron
Armino = Ermine