Monday, July 30, 2007

Welcome to Cambalache Austral

Hi everyone! We are finally kicking off our new endeavour: a blog. For some time now some of us had been thinking of creating a common space to share thoughts, photos and gossip and also to make our troupe of émigrés feel close to the warmth (?) of Canberra.
Please do send posts and comment on the existing ones, so that we can keep this thing alive. No topic is taboo and we are "language friendly" (our non-Spanish speaking friends can get help here). I'm sure you all have your two cents to contribute to Cambalache Austral.
Finally, I believe you would expect to know what the name of the blog means and how we came up with it. Well, I have no time to write about it know, but I'm sure someone will volunteer with a post about that.


Luciana said...

Hola a todos!
Hi all!

I was looking forward for this moment, and it finally happened: we have a BLOG ... that's awesome mate!!!
With love and smiles, Lu

José said...

Hi people!!!

Mola mogollon!!! yo quiero poner cosas, y fotos, e historias, y chistes, y, y... pero no se!!! Alguien me tiene que ensenyar, vale?



Lucia said...

muito maneiroooo, como mnolaaaaa
i also want to contributeeeeeeeeeeeee
kisses to all!!!

david said...

si si si! how does one become a "contributor"?

Lu said...

If you wanna make your contribution, send us a text and we can post it with your signature.