Monday, July 30, 2007

A night at Casino Royale

Last Saturday we hosted a Texas Hold'em poker night at Dryandra Palace. Dresscode was rich and famous, but some people that normally dress up for work came casual and some people that would barely use a suit to get married were very elegant.
The stakes were high to win the big prize (Fame and Glory - and a bottle of champagne) and eventually our friend and underdog David cleared the table of chips with his poker face and psychological warfare techniques, such as getting up every 2 minutes to check on Le Tour progress.
Anyway, many thanks for those who attended, shame on you for those who didn't and hail to the champion!
You can find some pics here and here (thanks to David Belgrave).


Lu said...

gracias por la magia ...

Qué sería de mi elegancia si no fuera por esa fiesta, no?
Me hubiese gustado tener un traje de dalai lama, como para defender mi postura de que 'rico no es el que más tiene, sino el que menos necesita'... ommm ommm ommm

David said...

many thanks to the fine folk at Dryandra Palace for hosting another exceptional fiesta. As overall winner of the poker championship i'm indebted to our new friend Marsen from Long Island New York. the hard man from the big apple is an excellent mentor and his tuition on the finer points of poker was invaluable.

Lucia said... need to go to the cinema anymore..from dyandra to hollywood
y porque no haciamos esas fiestas cuando yo estaba alli...