Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Guess the bird

This little fella got locked in my garage the other day. Actually, there were two of them, but the other one got away before I could take the pic.

I offer a beer to the first who correctly gives the name of the species. A bonus point (pint) if you also provide the gender.

Luciana is ruled out of the contest because I've already told her.


moof said...

Striated pardalote
Pardalotus striatus

Both male and female are similar in plumage.

My parents have them burrowing behind their house. I think the've killed them with landslides by now though.

Lu said...

Buh, I also wanna a pint :@

moof said...

It's OK Lu, you can have mine. I can never drink more than a midi.

Agustin said...

Damn you got it all right.
The gender question was the curve ball.