Friday, November 23, 2007

A kilo of cotton does NOT equal a kilo of iron

A group of scientist from ANU and CSIRO discovered today that a kilo of cotton doesn't equal a kilo of iron. These hypothesis has been involve in many jokes all over the world and in many different languages. "Today we have found evidences that demonstrate and validate the hypothesis " said Dr. Yves Al' Godon. The experiment was carried out in the labs over Cave Beach, Australia, where a 2 kilos iron pan was placed on sea water, and after a couple of minutes it floated. The same protocol was then applied for a cotton T-shirts , and for the surprise of the scientist the t-shirts sank immediately!
More evidences were compiled from independent sources, for instance a colleague form the Gold Coast in Australia noticed that humans get rid of the cotton clothe before getting to the water... Moreover, speedos and wet-suits are in general made of lycra and NO cotton.

The formula that validate the hypothesis:

Ct = 2Yp + 69

Ct = cotton T-shirt
Yp = Yves' pan
69 = our wishes for your weekend

For more information check the cotton article in the Crappypedia web site.

As you can see, lunches at Disco are more than a good occasion to feed yourself.

You might know that we're always behind the last news in science...


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