Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So much house work, so little time

Shaun: "One of the best things about tango is that it teaches women how to walk in high heels."

Anne: "Except that most of the time you walk backwards. Forwards, well forwards is another thing all together."

Leah: "Didn't you once say that stilettos are good for housework?"

Shaun: "Wearing stilettos to do the housework in well, that looks pretty good. Oh, let me clarify that: for women that is....hee hee hee."

Hmmm. Red t-bar metallics for sweeping, blue satin ankle straps for dishwashing, black patent leather for cleaning the shower (Mee-ooow!)

I dunno, but Shaun looks pretty excited about taking these babies home, putting on some Queen ("I want to break free") and getting out the Hoover ;-)

Leah: "I never let the truth get in the way of a good story Shaun."


Lu said...

silencio por mi parte

Agustin said...

the power of self-deceit