Friday, November 9, 2007

Olga the alga and Karl the coral

Once upon a time in the reef ... long before all types of life were created, an alga called Olga was traveling around the tropics. Suddenly Olga saw something in the bottom of that warm and lovely sea and she went to have a look to that weir fellow.

Zara: Hello stranger. Who are you? What is your name?
Fellow: G'day mate, I'm a coral, my name is Karl.
Zara: Oh, nice to meet you Karl! Actually I'm a homeless and I'm looking for a place to spend the night, and you seem to have some room over there, don't you? Would you mind if I stay here for tonight?
Karl: No, I don't, but how will you pay me?
Olga: I can do photosynthesis and give you some of that energy ... basically, I'm able to feed you.
Karl: Ohhh! that's great!

And Olga the alga and Karl the coral live together for ever ever...

These is the story that we were told in the aquarium by the lovely old volunteer :) Isn't it great?

Have a great weekend!!!