Friday, January 11, 2008

a couple of "perlitas" from socialist Venezuela

1- Pedro Carreño, Minister of Interior and Justice:

Carreño: The only way to justice is Socialism, is not capitalism, is not cannibalism, which some people want to .....
journalist: yes minister, but isn't it a bit contradictory to talk about socialism when you wear a Luis Vuitton tie and shoes from...
Carreño: eh, uhm, well... it's not contradictory, I would like that Venezuela could produce all of that and I wouldn't have to import 95% of all that is consumed....

2- Hugo Chavez:

please, don't make me translate this one.

If you want more:
Tal Chavez Tal Hitler (this one is really good)



Lu said...

Pobre el socialismo

Agustin said...

'There's ideology behind comics and it's an imperialistic ideology'

Qué ovarios los de la periodista del primer clip. La banco a muerte.