Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Featured music: Baden Powell

There are 2 Baden Powells. One is Robert 1st Baron Baden-Powell, the crypto-fascist asshole who founded the Scout Movement. The other is Brazilian Maestro Baden Powell de Aquino (unfortunately his father was a devout admirer of the former). Anyway, don't worry, I bring you music by the Brazilian guy.
Born in 1936 in the state of Rio de Janeiro, child prodigy and Jazz virtuoso, he went on to put the 'Afro' in 'Afro-Brazilian' music during the 60s in an extraordinary partnership with Vinicius de Moraes. He settled in France in 1968 and only returned to Brazil in the 1990s.
A long time abuser of alcohol and tobacco, he died in 2000, leaving his sons Philip and Louis as his musical heirs.

The songs here are from an extremely rare compilation - Live in Switzerland, 1992. Enjoy.

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