Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New flatmate at Dryandra Street

I was so thrilled when a saw Luciana with a slab of James Boags Premium. But it turned out there was no beer in it, just a frickin cat !!! Well, anyway, she's there now, and the slab is her home. And my towel is her blanket, as you can appreciate.

We are looking for a name for the michifuz, suggestions are welcome.


Lu said...

This is the list of names I suggest for the new little fellow:

1- Nina
2- Tía
3- Mia
4- Rita and
5- Kimba (which derives from kambá -> black in guaraní.

Regis said...


Lu said...

ja, i like it!

Jose said...


Lu said...

That's an Aussie name, mate!

ta bueno.

Agustin said...

The winner is Tia Maria. Thanks for the feedback anyway.

Juan said...

ganó el que yo quería!!