Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An interesting postmodern article

I think some of you might find this article interesting. Shaun?



La Chounie said...

Ah yes, it is an absolute classic!!!!! It is called the Post-modern generator. You refresh the page and a brand new totally randon nonsense paper is generated. And the writing is almost indistinguishable from a 'so-called' legitimate piece of pomo writing. Trust a 'prictorian' to think of something like that up!

Agustin said...

I liked this one:
'material dematerialism'

It's an excellent reference to argue with my sister.

Juan said...

La Chounie ya lo conocía...
no lo puedo sorprender con nada!

La Chounie said...

I was aware of it due to the 'Sokal Affair'. A few years back now a pomo journal named 'Social Text' accepted for publication a paper by a scientist named Prof Alan Sokal. The paper was complete nonsense. It is very amusing and embarrassing for the Editors.

Richard Dawkins had a famous quote along the lines of, 'the editors of 'Social Text' must have had that same queasy feeling the Trojans had the morning after they wheeled in that giant gift-horse.

Academic humor, you cant beat it!

Juan said...


on the same line, the SCIgen program generates a similar nonsense article in computer science. The guys who invented it (from the MIT) keep sending, and getting abstracts and papers accepted, to computer-science conferences. They even managed to have a whole session running with fake papers.