Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bass Masters

Meet Pedro Aznar, an extraordinary musician from Argentina. He was a member of Seru Giran, the most important Argentine band in the early 80s, and then joined the Pat Metheny Group. Last year I saw him perform live in a pub with his band - I payed 8 bucks (!) for the admission. It was a great show but I was particularly impressed by this one song.

Quiz: what is he using here to hit the bass chords?


Diego said...

(The cost of ticket was 5 pesos argentinians 2,50 Dollars do you remember?)
My definition of Pedro Aznar:
Great eclectic musician without definite style but that studies the questions most internal and the roots of the sounds convined this in a "degustable"-harmonious-agreeable- misture, the essences of the native sound is not overlapped for him . He creates landscapes and invites us to live in them. Owner of a prodigious ability in the bass, the guitar, keyboards and percussion. His voice demolishes barriers among styles and there is no place in that does not sit down well. No doubt one of the big even alive illustrious ones of the music Argentina.

La Chounie said...

I think it is a straighted chicken's foot encrusted in graphite

Agustin said...

Tenes razon - it was 5 bucks.

Agustin said...

Te lo defino en una palabra: MOSTRO.

david said...

extraordinary indeed. thanks Agustin - damn good