Monday, August 20, 2007

The snowy weekend

Last weekend Nano, Cherrie, Jose, Maria, Juan and I went to the snow. We start our trip on Friday evening, after three long weeks of meeting, papers, workshops and seminars, I decided to join our mates in their snowy trip. They had booked two huts near Mt. Beauty in Victoria, that is close to the Fall Creek ski resort.
Saturday early in the morning we hired the skies, pants and chains, and went for the big slopes. Actually only Juan can really ski, so, while we were taking ski lesson for dummies, he was in the black paths, enjoying the day. After two hours lesson, all of us were very exited to implement the new techniques, except of me; I went for a hot chocolate and a brownie, and I also took some pictures!
While I was having the chocobrownie, Juan almost killed Nano taking him to the black flag path. Nano said: "At some stage I had to get rid of the skies and walk down the hill". It is noticeable that last year I went with Juan to Perisher, and he did the same to me, I ended up crying in the snow, because I was afraid to kill myself going down. Anyway, I still love this guy.
At the end of the day, after the hot chocolate, the brownies and the pictures, we had to come back (which means, go down as well), and there were two ways to reach the bottom, skiing or taking the lift. I decided to make some more effort and go down skiing. Everybody did the same, the path was really crowded, there were skiers and snowboarders everywhere. At the same time I was going down, I was repeating in my mind "keep the momentum going", but suddenly, a snowboarder crashed me, and the momentum gone for good. I almost caused an avalanche, like a turtle facing the sky, I couldn't get up, my muscles were shaking, people were jumping over me and someone said "we're all under control"... douhh!
The moral: if you are not 18 years old, after a couple of hours of ski, forget about it, and put your energies in the cup of chocolate and the brownie that are in front of you, think about the cold beer you'll have in the pub with the bugger, look after yourself, love yourself!

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