Thursday, August 16, 2007

Poll results: churros were good

40% As good as in Argentina
40% A classic
20% Don't know what a churro is.

So, a churro is a fried-dough pastry-based snack which originated in Spain, but was perfected in Argentina. We fill them with dulce de leche (caramel), making its nutritional value drop to negative values, but its flavor (or flavour, as you wish) reaches para-nirvanical heights. Hot chocolate is a must if you want to make this gourmet experience turn into a clinical case.


david said...

hey Agustin - welcome back! i'm interested in your (first??) trip out west: tell us about your impressions of rural oz....

Agustin said...

Hi Dave. I'm going to upload some pics soon.
Sorry I missed Tony's presentation, was it good?

david said...

Tony smoked it - outstanding presentation...i reckon he'll have a transcript ready soon.